A Snatch of Life offers a real point of view through honest, yet sometimes humorous and sometimes hardcore, sociopolitical commentary on people, pop culture, news and events.  Whether it is the examination of issues of gender dynamics or trials of modern dating,  A Snatch of Life represents those muted voices that yearn to be acknowledged.

A Snatch of Life is of course a play on words. It is the outgrowth of a theatrical piece I co-wrote, called The Engagement: A Snatch of Life in 3 Acts, a comedic drama about two women who decide to get married. The play dealt with the legality and morality of gay marriage, presenting a point of view that was rarely  fairly represented in the media. It challenged the notion that gay marriage was a religious right rather than a civil right.

The desire to give voice to various groups in our society that too often are misunderstood and misrepresented became the impetus behind wanting to write a blog. A Snatch of Life is my way of seizing~ without fear~upon slanted mainstream conventional thinking and media coverage as it pertains to race, relationships, religion, and realities of life in general.

My hope is that what started out as my ranting about issues and injustices that affected my life will become a forum where we can engage in informed conversations and not emotionally charged misgivings.  Respectfully agree to disagree.

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